Tektronix TLA6400-serien

A Significant Price-Performance Breakthrough for Digital Debug

The affordable TLA6400 Series of logic analyzers offer the performance needed to debug, validate, and optimize the functionality of your digital system. The TLA6400 Series also provides a comprehensive set of signal integrity debug tools that allow you quickly isolate, identify, and characterize elusive and hard-to-find problems. Add a broad range of support for today’s applications, and you have the ideal tool to help you meet all of the debug challenges of today’s digital designs.

Models TLA6401 TLA6402 TLA6403 TLA6404
Channels 34 68 102 136
High-speed Timing 25 GHz (40 ps) with 128 Kb record length
Maximum Timing Sample Rate
(Half/Full channel)
3.2 GHz / 1.6 GHz
Maximum State Clock Rate 333 MHz (standard)
667 MHz (with Option 1T) 
Maximum State Data Rate 667 Mb/s (standard)
1333 Mb/s (with Option 1T) 
Maximum Record Length 2 Mb (standard)
4 Mb (Option 1S)
8 Mb (Option 2S)
16 Mb (Option 3S)
32 Mb (Option 4S)
64 Mb (Option 5S) 
Analog Mux 4 fixed channels (standard)
Any signal (user selectable) may be routed to 4 output
BNCs with Option AM
Probing Options
(Order seperately)
P5910 – 17-channel General-purpose Probe
P5934 – 34-channel Mictor Probe
P5960– 34-channel D-MAX Probe