Tektronix RSA5000 Serien

The RSA5000 Series mid-range spectrum analyzer combines the best-in-class RF performance with up to 165 MHz bandwidth and 4th Generation DPX® Technology. This provides the measurement confidence and functionality you demand for everyday tasks and gives you the dynamic range you expect for challenging spectrum analysis measurements.

Nortelco Electronics offers the following spectrum analyzers in the RSA5000 Series:

Models Frequency Range Real-Time Bandwidth Minimum Event Duration for 100% POI SFDR (typical)
RSA5103B 1 Hz to 3.0 GHz 25 MHz
40 MHz
80 MHz
125 MHz
165 MHz
0.434 μs -80 dBc
RSA5106B 1 Hz to 6.2 GHz
RSA5115B 1 Hz to 15 GHz
RSA5126B 1 Hz to 26.5 GHz
Accessories for RSA5000 Series  
K420 Instrument Cart
RTPA2A Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer TekConnect Probe Adapter