Tektronix Consul – Digital Content Monitor

Status: Bestillingsvare

Consul can be used by service providers to gain a quick understanding of the quality of experience they are providing on a local, regional or national level. Key features of Consul include its ability to provide an understanding of the video quality degradation from location to location and identifying the top offending programs at each location.

Capturing detailed QoE (Quality of Experience) information is a function of Consul’s advanced reporting package. The reporting capabilities allow each user (i.e., a national NOC/operation center) to generate customized reports that provide as much or as focused detail as required, from monthly high level reports for executive staff to immediate notices for technicians as incidents occur.

Users can create a schedule template so that reports can be generated automatically and emailed to designated recipients. Examples of the reports include alert counts by location, trending reports and distributions by alert type.

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