Quantum Data HT-180 Handshake Tester

Testing HDCP interoperability in HDMI systems
Status: Bestillingsvare

Introducing the latest video test instrument from Quantum Data for testing HDCP interoperability in HDMI systems. The HT-180 Handshake Tester for HDMI offered by Quantum Data enables users in R & D labs, service provider interoperability labs and field service techs to identify the root cause of HDCP, EDID and hot plug related interoperability problems in HDMI systems. The HT-180 provides HDMI ports for passive connection into an HDMI system comprised of a source (e.g. set top box or DVD), repeater (e.g. AVR controller) and an HDTV.

Identifies suspect device
Ease of use
Detailed I2C bus transaction data can be collected and examined on-site or back in lab.
Trace data can be email to others for more detailed diagnosis.
Monitors HDCP during compliance tests
Powered through USB
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Link til produsent www.quantumdata.com
Varenummer QDHT180