FREE Kelvin test lead kit

Offered exclusively by Nortelco Electronics!

Keithley DMM7510 combines all the advantages of a precision digital multimeter, a graphical touchscreen display, and a high speed, high resolution digitizer to create an industry first: a graphical sampling multimeter. The digitizer gives the DMM7510 unprecedented signal analysis flexibility; the five-inch capacitive touchscreen display makes it easy to observe, interact with, and explore measurements with «pinch and zoom» simplicity. This combination of high performance and high ease of use offers unparalleled insight into your test results.

The free model 5808 Kelvin probes are two 1,17m (46 in.) long, single fixed pin probes with source and sense leads per probe and color coded standard safety banana plugs. Designed for applications requiring Kelvin resistance measurements with the convenience of a single point of circuit contact. The Kelvin connection at the base of each probe pin results in very low resistance errors, eliminating all wire and probe body resistance.