Digitale innholdsmonitorer

Sentry Digitale innholdsmonitorer er svært omfattende og skalérbare monitoreringsløsninger som muliggør at tilbydere av flere kanaler kan tilby en service med beste kvalitet. Sentry produktene kan identifisere unormalheter i nettverket ved IP, MPEG, og innholdslagene.
Nortelco Electronics tilbyr følgende digitale innholdsmonitorer:
Model Sentry Sentry Verify Sentry Edge Medius Consul
  Sentry identifies anomalies in the network at the IP, MPEG and content layers, and is most cost-effective at master and secondary Headends. Sentry Verify monitors and validates MPEG transport stream integrity and reports errors induced during video-over-IP transport on the programs that are received downstream at the hub sites. (1 Rack Unit) Sentry Edge provides critical monitoring at the edge of your network, providing specific reporting and alerting capabilities for services in the RF domain. Sentry Edge detects transport stream and RF modulation errors. (1 Rack Unit) Medius™ offers video service providers an effective way of managing and aggregating status, alerts and reports from multiple Sentry®, Sentry Verify™ and Sentry Edge™ units deployed throughout a network.(1 Rack Unit) Consul™ aggregates reports and trending data from multiple Medius units and offers video service providers an effective way of utilizing monitoring data in large-scale monitoring deployments. (1 Rack Unit)
TR101-290 o o o    
Tru2way/OCAP o o o    
Ad insertion o o o    
EBIF o o o    
SA-BFS Monitoring Carousels (MHP / DSM-CC) o o o    
QoS & QoE o