Digital TV Nettverksmonitorer

Det verdensomspennende markedet for DTV Monitorer utvikler seg, derfor tilbyr vi et bredt spekter av løsninger innenfor dette området. Disse systemene kan detektere signal degradering under transmissjoner og har derfor stor verdi i videobransjen.
Nortelco Electronics tilbyder følgende digitale TV-nettverksmonitorer:
Model  MTM400A VQS1000 QAM400A RFM300 IPM400A VQNet™
  The MTM400A provides a complete solution for real-time transmission monitoring of MPEG transport streams over RF, IP, and ASI interfaces.  Video Quality Software application for single ended QoE analysis of video and audio content. Cable Monitoring Probe for monitoring RF and TS integrity on a QAM channel with the ability to tune to any QAM channel for verification and diagnostics. Ideal for monitoring output of headend SEM or EdgeQAM devices at the RF combiner.  The RFM300 is a powerful solution for monitoring DTV transmitter sites and contribution / distribution at local or national operations centers. IPM400A is an IP Video monitor that provides real-time analysis of all video and content within a GbE link. Tektronix’ Video Service Assurance Management System software monitors Tektronix Digital TV probes to alert, locate and diagnose video network problems. 
COFDM  o     o    
8VSB o     o    
QPSK o     o    
8PSK o     o    
QAM A o     o    
QAM B o     o    
QAM C o     o    
IPv4, o     o    
IPv6, o     o    
UDP, o     o    
RTP o     o    
MPEG2   o     o o
H.264   o        
ITUJ.83 QAM Annex A,B or C     o      
SCTE-142     o      
DVB (TR101 290)     o      
ATSC (A/78)     o      
SCTE35     o      
DVB (TR101 209)         o o
ATSC DigiCipher II ISDB-T         o o
ISDB-Tb         o o
A/78         o o
SCTE-142         o o
Datasheet MTM400A VQS1000 QAM400A RFM300 IPM400A VQNet&trade
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