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TEMPpoint Highly Accurate Temperature Instruments
TEMPpoint™ is a series of temperature measurement instruments designed for high accuracy and industrial robustness. TEMPpoint utilitzes ISO-Channel™ front end architecture to eliminate common mode noise and ground loops through 1000V channel to channel galvanic isolation.
These instruments allow direct thermocouple, RTD, and precision voltage or resistance measurements with a PC. Temperature and voltage values can be viewed, graphed, or exported to Excel, and allow limit checking for control or monitoring of a manufacturing process.
USB and Ethernet (LXI) versions are available with 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, or 48 channels.

 VOLTpoint Precision High Voltage Instruments
VOLTpoint is a family of precision instruments designed for measuring a wide range of voltage inputs; ideally suited for cell-by-cell battery testing where sources range from millivolts to ±400V.
Available in both USB and Ethernet (LXI) versions, VOLTpoint can be configured with 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, or 48 input channels. Each VOLTpoint instrument ships with a ready-to-measure application, allowing you to view, graph, and export your data.
VOLTpoint uses ISO-Channel™ technology to eliminate connection problems by using galvanic isolation methods to guarantee 1000V isolation between sensor grounds.

 MEASURpoint Ultra-Accurate Measurement Instruments
MEASURpoint™ is an ultra-accurate instrument that allows any combination of temperature and voltage to be measured with a single software solution. Up to forty-eight configurable channels allow the ultimate flexibility with voltage, thermocouple, and RTD inputs. MEASURpoint incorporates ISO-Channel™ technology to eliminate any common mode noise and ground loop problem in any environmental conditions. MEASURpoint is available as a USB or Ethernet (LXI™ Class C compliant) instrument.