Audio Precision APx525 Family

The APx525 Family is the next generation of high performance audio analyzers for R&D; engineers and production technicians. With typical THD+N at –108 dB
(–110 dB with AG52 option), analog performance is second only to the 2700 Series in the world.

Available options:

BW52: One million point FFTs, DC to 1 MHz bandwidth and full 24-bit resolution.
AG52: Exceptionally clean square waves and improved analog performance.
HDMI (with ARC): The finest HDMI audio analyzer in the world. Ideal for Dolby / dts compliance testing (APx525 only).

Digital Serial I/O: 8 channels, oscilloscope monitor, independent clocks, automatic rate calculators and active timing diagrams (APx525 and APx526 only).
Bluetooth®: The best solution in the world for testing Bluetooth audio on smartphones, tablets, and other devices.
PDM: Complete solution for testing 1-bit oversampled audio in MEMS microphones and DSD audio systems.

Available models:

APx525: 2 channel analog plus 192K digital
APx526: 4 channel analog plus 192K digital