Audio Precision 2700 Series

The 2700 Series is designed for audio engineers who need the highest performance, lowest distortion and greatest flexibility possible in their audio analyzer. The typical THD+N of the 2700 Series is ≤ –115 dB at 2.0 Vrms. However, even with AP’s conservatively specified THD+N of –112 dB, the 2700 Series is the industry’s undisputed performance leader.

Available options:

PSIA: Extremely flexible chip level connectivity with 2 or 4 channels, I2S and other formats.
Analog filters: Wide range of hardware filters for any application. 
Dolby Digital Generator: Allows the encoding of stimulus tones in Dolby Digital (AC-3) before digital output.

Available models:

SYS-2722: Dual domain generator and analyzer. 
SYS-2712: Analog domain with DSP analyzer and generator. 
SYS-2702: Analog domain only.