200MHz-1GHz MDO4000C

6–in–1 Versatility PLUS High Performance in One Powerful Oscilloscope.

The new MDO4000C includes up to six built-in instruments, each with exceptional performance to address tough challenges. Every oscilloscope features powerful triggering, search and analysis, and these are the only scopes to offer synchronized analog, digital and RF signal analysis at the same time — ideal for wireless communications in IoT and EMI troubleshooting. For even more versatility, add the optional arbitrary/function generator to easily capture, edit and replay signals.

The MDO4000C is completely customizable and fully upgradable. Add the instruments you need now – or later. A new Total Protection Plan is available to protect your investment, even from accidental damage.




An. Ch.

An. B.width

  Spectrum Analyzer
 Digital Ch.
 Protocol Analysis
Dig. Voltm. & Freq. Counter (Free)
MDO4024C 4 200 MHz   SA0: 0 ch
SA3: 1 ch at 9kHz–3GHz
SA6: 1 ch at 9kHz–6GHz
1 ch at
50MHz max 
16 ch at
16.5GS/s max
I2C, SPI, RS232/UART, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, USB, Ethernet, MIL-STD-1553, Audio   4-digit ACrms, DC, AC DCrms
5-digit Frequency
MDO4034C 4 350 MHz
MDO4054C 4 500 MHz
MDO4104C 4 1 GHz