GNSS Simulation

GPS simulatorer er radiofrekvens genererende instrumenter som er i stand til å overføre de samme data som GPS-satellittene. Verdien til en GPS simulator er dens evne til å endre en rekke parametere rett fra test benken.

Nortelco Electronics tilbyr GPS simulatorer fra Spectracom.

Parameters that can be testet from the test bench:

Data from the satellite: Conditions as seen by the receiver: Position of the receiver:
arrow_redDate/Time via the clock parameters  arrow_redNumber of satellite signals arrow_redStart position (latitude, longitude and elevation)
arrow_redSatellite ID (PRN code) arrow_redPower level arrow_redTrajectory (motion path)
arrow_redEphemeris and almanac arrow_redAtmospheric and antenna errors through models  
  arrow_redMulti-path conditions  

It is the combination of all these parameters that make up a “scenario” for a GPS simulator.