70GHz DPO70000SX

Tektronix DPO70000SX 70GHz ATI Performance Scope
Key features

bullet_point_blackSuperior signal fidelity and excellent signal-to-noise ratio
bullet_point_blackStable and precise multi-channel timing for most accurate analysis
bullet_point_blackCompact instrument package with flexibility for future expansion and simple reconfiguration

bullet_point_black70GHz Analog Bandwidth
bullet_point_black200GS/s Sample Rate
bullet_point_black4.3 ps Rise Time (20/80)
bullet_point_black>25GHz Edge Trigger
bullet_point_black5.25" Compact Form Factor
bullet_point_blackChannel-to-Channel Jitter <500fs DPO70000SX


DPO70000SX-series oscilloscopes provide the most accurate real time performance for ultra-bandwidth applications.

bullet_point_blackLow noise, 70 GHz real time signal capture using patented ATI architecture
bullet_point_blackCompact 5 ¼" (3U) instrument package for the most versatile multichannel systems
bullet_point_blackPrecise, scalable performance using UltraSync multi-unit time synchronization bus
bullet_point_blackHighest trigger performance with >25 GHz Edge trigger bandwidth, unique new Envelope trigger

Low-noise, high fidelity signal acquisition is critical in ultra-bandwidth applications such as long-haul coherent optical, 400G datacomm and wideband RF. The flagship DPO77002SX model uses ATI (Asynchronous Time Interleaving) architecture to achieve 70 GHz and 200 GS/s (5 ps/ Sample) real time acquisition performance. This patented, symmetric architecture elegantly creates an inherent noise advantage over legacy bandwidth interleaving methods. The DPO70000SX provides the lowest noise, highest fidelity and maximum performance for complex optical modulation analysis, jitter and noise analysis of high speed serial signaling and frequency, phase and modulation analysis of wideband RF signals.